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     Jan Lee


Jan's positive accurate and motivating guidance 

provides an international clientele 

with profound information​, 

insight and uplifting clarity.

Clients consult Jan for:

Insight into relationships

Guidance in career

Decisions being contemplated

Future possibilities

Insight into themselves

Concerns with family/children

Health concerns and directives

Creative potentials and gift

Spiritual directives

Past lives

Please see the APPOINTMENTS page to make your appointment, thank you.

Jan is Beyond Reading... 

I called Jan one day when I needed an outsider's view on some challenges I was undergoing. I was seeking a "reading" from a spiritual "someone" to tell me that my dreams will come true and related hassles did not count. 


What I found when speaking with Jan was a deeply spiritual p​erson, who is well connected with the Divine and able to shed positive light via her GUIDE on my situation. 

Jan's many readings ..soothed me through some rough moments of self-discovery; she presented her advice with no judgement and with lots of personal empathy. Jan is well read and can connect at a superior level of intellect and pointed me to beautiful resources to further explore my own spirituality.

Jan is "present" and very much part of the moment I was undergoing and I would not trade Jan for any other psychic, counselor, or psychologist. 

She is an extremely introspective Person available "just -in-time"... Thank you Jan ..."

AM, Netherlands